rank - regular laundry detergentsThose nasty odours present within your activewear is due to your body’s natural oils getting trapped within the fibers. These oils feed a bacteria which then produce a gas, this gas is what makes you stink!

Regular detergents are optimized for natural fibers (cottons) and are not as effective on synthetic fibers (activewear) leaving most of the oils and bacteria behind only to have the smell of your last workout return.








rank - using rank activewear detergentrank beats the $#!% out of your stank!
rank contains a proprietary blend of naturally derived surfactants and other ingredients that separate these nasty odour inducing oils and bacteria from the fabric leaving your activewear smelling fresh and clean!

rank also includes odour blockers to stop those nasties from returning. With no oil present, rank will not only make your $#!% smell better, but it will also restore the wicking properties of the fabric, extending the life of your active wear.


So what are you waiting for? GET YOUR RANK ON!